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Month: September 2019

The ECB and the MBC decided on interest rates. Good and bad information for borrowers.

Although the European Central Bank has not decided today to lower the level of interest rates in Euroland, refinancing is still equal to 1%, all Poles paying installments of housing loans taken in euros, or those who are just intending Read more…

How to protect your finances when our partner has debts?

Caring for the security of your finances is extremely important. They ensure survival for us and our loved ones, and if we have them responsibly and gather them enough, we can even use them to satisfy our desires and please Read more…

Loans secured with quick consolidation – Debt Consolidation

 Loans against loans – quick consolidation of payday loans Documents necessary to adapt a home equity loan. A convenient loan, good consultation, and very low loan costs. The company is extremely friendly in relation to the client’s visit, it can Read more…