Washington State Guard

Interesting Information About The Washington State Guard

The Washington State Guard or Washington State Guard (WSG) is a state defense force whose duty is to improve the comfort, welfare and security of Washington, United States of America. The WSG is the third element of the Washington Military Department, starting with the State Guard, Washington National Air Guard and Washington Army National Guard. In general, the role of the WSG does not focus too much on the ground and air forces, but focuses more on the central area.

The History of WSG
The WSG was formed in 1855, at which time the Washington County legislature created the inaugural Act that succeeded in procedurally and organized procedural birth of militias. Then in 1890, Washington formed a state that served in the Philippines during the Cold War between America and Spain from 1898 to 1899. Until 1903, the Washington State militia took shelter under the US following the formation of the Washington National Guard.
During the First World War, the United States succeeded in giving birth to the Washington State Guard. At that time the Third Infantry Regiment consisting of 16 companies, machine gun companies and a medical detachment formed in various cities throughout Washington. But unfortunately, WSG was officially disbanded after World War I.
Before entering World War II on November 1, 1940, the United States re-established the Washington State Guard by bringing up two Regiments and an Infantry Brigade. WSG’s task at that time was only to guard and maintain vital installations in the coastal area. Then their role shifted to civil defense and disaster relief. Again, the WSG was again disbanded in 1947. A few years later on May 19, 1960, Governor Albert Rosellini reinvented the Washington State Guard to strengthen additional internal security forces against the State. In addition, the WSG was decided as a supporter of the Washington Military Department in all areas of government.

Current Composition
Currently WSG consists of two brigades. The first brigade served in Spokane, while the second was in the Seattle Armory and maintained two battalions at Olympia and Everett. While the center of WSG HQ is located at Camp Murray in Tacoma, Washington. Interestingly, the National Guard soldiers often carry out a training program without pay for 2 days during the summer and 1 day a month.

It is noted that WSGs have now been assigned to the State’s Emergency Operations Center and various other operations to recondition and coordinate all the National Guard’s disaster-related needs. WSGs can resign without following the applicable procedures. However, they cannot do so when there is a contractual relationship or state-paid active duty status. Some of them are placed at various points ranging from militarization, civilian life and so on.

Washington Code Revision (RCW)
In the Governor’s decision on the Revised Washington Code (RCW) entitled “Militia And Military Affairs”. Where state legislatures have enacted laws in response to requirements of the State Constitution in an attempt to regulate all of Washington’s military affairs. Where chapter 13 of the title 38 of the RWC reads that the WSG has an important role in Washington’s progress. In that statement, it can be interpreted that the Governor has the mandatory right to arm WSG troops in all situations. Which later it will be used to guard the State of Washington in order to grow a more developed and dignified country.