Main Duties of the Washington State Guard

Main Duties of the Washington State Guard

Main Duties of the Washington State Guard – Washington is the most dominant state in the United States. No wonder the region is often the center of world’s attention in all fields ranging from the economic sector, tourism and so on. Even what former President Donald Trump has done has witnessed that Washington is a more famous area than other big countries. Of all that there is the Washington State Guard (WSG) which has emerged since several centuries ago.

WSG does not have many duties and responsibilities. However, their role is very prominent in fostering a sense of pride in their territory. Especially when the cold war occurred hundreds of years ago. Not a few military troops went to war to make Washington a safe and prosperous country.

From generation to generation there have been many noble tasks assigned to WSG. Year after year the recruitment of new members began to occur. Interestingly, they do not only come from the local area, but also from several other countries that are considered to have high intellectuals. And in general terms, we have briefly summarized some of the main tasks of the WSGs, including:

  • Controlling All State Affairs

The main task of the Washington state guard is to oversee all state affairs. It is well known that Washington is never deserted for 24 hours. You could say that the region is the backbone of the largest economy in the United States. So do not be surprised if the WSG must be willing to be at the forefront to provide the best for all state affairs.

Where the task they always do is prevent all bad things that will happen. Especially when arriving at the main area, every point in each position is kept tighter. So that not just anyone can enter the area without permission. And the troops are fully armed and all kinds of modern facilities.

  • Keeping the Good Name of the Nation

The second task is to maintain the good name of the nation. This does not mean that the WSG are not very involved in state affairs, but the role they carry is very large. Where each command has been assigned to guard each area to create prosperity for both the upper and lower middle class.

So far, there have been no cases of riots that have occurred since the change of President of the United States of America. It was noted that at the time of Joe Biden’s inauguration a few months ago, the agenda went smoothly and according to plan. It was clear that their role was too important not to be forgotten.

  • Increase Safety and Comfort

And another noblest task is to increase safety and comfort. Each WSG member is a trained soldier and has a very high dedication to his area. They are troops who dare to die and are ready to go to war in any condition or situation. Because for them, it is a task that they can be proud of themselves and local residents.

The fact is that Washington continues to run safely even though there are many air attacks centered on other countries. Even though there was chaos, the WSG always did their job very well. So that the reign before Joe Biden continues to run straight. And it is not impossible if other countries will imitate the noble task they carry from time to time.