Washington State Guards' Greatest Benefits

Washington State Guards’ Greatest Benefits

Washington State Guards’ Greatest Benefits – Becoming the Washington State Guard (WSG) is the biggest dream for fans of the military world. More or less WSG candidates have been training hard and wholeheartedly to be able to realize their dreams. That’s because there are so many benefits that will be obtained when you become a WSG. And we have briefly summarized some of these benefits based on reports from trusted sites, including;

1. Active Guard Reserve
WSG members have an active guard backup service that can lighten the workload. In accordance with the applicable law, they are not on full-time duty even though they have more working hours. Placed on the sector at various points that are not bound by time. On the other hand responding to an emergency that has been paid for by the federal government.

2. Home Loans
Meanwhile, WSGs also get home loans with terms and conditions that apply. Where they can adjust, maintain and buy the house. Later, they will be honorably discharged, get a pension, serve more than 90 days during wartime until they are relieved of duty in the event of a war accident.

3. Education
Furthermore, the WSG also have financial support to improve the quality of higher education in various fields. And this only applies when they are classified as active either as reserve or official members.

4. Life insurance
Not only that, WSG also get a life insurance program which will be centered on individuals and families during their tenure. Later the program can also be continued depending on the level of finance they get while on duty.

5. Disability Compensation
On the one hand, WSGs also receive note-taking compensation which pays off on a monthly tax-free basis. However, the disability occurs due to illness or injury during an active period of training. Later the local government will also cover all the needs due to injuries ranging from strokes, heart attacks and other diseases. However, this compensation does not apply if they experience it due to abuse of illegal drugs, alcohol and other negative things.

6. Retirement
This time, each WSG will also get a pension fund whose value is only a few percent of the initial salary. Where they can be free from taxes even if they get limited income. But beforehand, they will get various kinds of allowances while on active duty.

7. Counseling
The next is counseling, where WSG are freed to channel various problems and obstacles for personal and public purposes. There are many benefits that they get if they continue to do this. Because later this will increase the potential for honesty when on duty.

8. Health
Furthermore, all WSG members will also get free health care at any hospital. This is one of the main forms of dedication of the local government to those who are always loyal to be the front guard.

9. Funeral
And lastly, all layers of WSG will be free from funeral costs. Later their names will be clearly engraved on tombstones to be enshrined. However, those who are entitled to this service are due to falling due to injury or illness while carrying out noble duties and not due to other factors.

At its core, the task of the Washington State Guard is very noble. So don’t be surprised if the benefits they get are very commensurate with the workload they are given.